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Woo Huu 12/23/15

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Woonho 56.5kph 12/23/12 


The turn in for the gates, was a little better with regards to your speed matching the boat speed, but you still could be another meter wider when on 16 meters and this wider set up to your gate turn should allows you to commit to the same turn every time, rather than turning different each time to steer and point your ski through the gates.

We need to turn the same enabling your position in to the same direction and for your stance to find the middle and the sweet spot on your ski giving you more consistency in the course because of having the same start more often.




Woonho 55kph 12/23/15 


We are looking for a more even and natural acceleration and speed from left to right in your offside learn, through being able to follow the center of your ski more in your onside lean from right to left. By being able to follow the center of your ski, this will bring your weight to the middle of the ski brining efficiency to and balance in the onside lean going over to your offside turn, this will improve your offside turn and allow you to finish the turn with a more natural fluid finish to a better angle that will in turn create more natural speed with you having to force the lean or pull by pressing with your legs. This press keeps your weight behind the sweet spot on the ski and will keep the efficiency low and your speed lower on the offside. We have to take lean away from the onside and find better direction angle of body match the ski direction and then your better balance stance and approach to your offside to will improve producing the turn that will bring you more natural speed.




Woonho 55kph 12/23/15 


You can see that we need to be wider on your gate set up, as you are only 2 meter wide of the left buoy line instead of between 3-4 meters. When you pull out wider, you will develop more speed allowing you to keep your width up until the end of your glide so that you do not drift back in before turning for there gates. This is crucial to setting angle and getting your acceleration without having to press your legs straight which is currently pushing your weight to the tail of your ski. 




Woonho 52kph 12/23/15 


We have spent the first two weeks working on getting you standing more over your ski with more equal support from both your legs Woonho, especially with riding your ski not in the course. This is the time on your ski that we can learn to stand directly over our ski and on our from leg to practice standing better for our turned and in a more stacked position to help with efficiencey and balance.

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