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Jodi Fisher

How do you tell the driver to GO?

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Many different skiers all over the world have differernt ways to tell the boat driver they are ready to go. 



How do you tell the driver you are ready? 


OK!  READY! YEP!  What do you say or do.  Is it a hand signal or a wistle?  How do you indicate you are ready to go?




Having Been around water skiing for 40 years now and having coached thousands of skis over 30 years, I have hear so many different ways and terms for the skier to tell the boat driver they are ready. 

Here are so I can remember


The Clasic Hit It! of course.

Ready steady GO!

Go Driver (not very polite really)



All Good



Yeeha Giddy UP! lol

Hit her is the Sh*ter (funny but not cool in all situations)


Im Good (not sure if they are just being bigheaded or they are actually ready)

Yes Thanks

Stratreka --- Haus (some Dutchman whilst I was coaching in Holland, he also wore a pair of pilot headphones whilst he slalom skied, pretty funny guy)

You bet Ya

Thanks Driver (very Polite I thought)

Is the water flat? if so lets go! 

Can you give me another 30 seconds? 

Hold on Im just checking my fin! (code for im taking a pee)

Tightline im fine (pretty gay haha)

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