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Molly Lee

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Hi, I'm working on my toe five in tricks and can't make it around with out stopping at the back, do you have any tips?

Hi Molly 


Great to hear from you. 

I assume you mean stopping at the back on the first 180 of the full 540 degrees of the toe five back?

This is not a bad thing at this point in the season, as most tricker when learning this trick, struggle to stop at the back on the first 180 and just spin the first 360 degrees, which then causes the stop at the front before the last 180 of the trip into the reverse wrap back. 

If you are completing the full five into the reverse wrap? then beleive me it will come together nicely over the next few weeks. As the water warms up and you trick start to track better on the warmer water, you should fine it easier to control the turning and speed of you ski and elliminate the stop at the back. 


What other tricks are you working on??



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