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071518 Tancredi

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Hello Tancredi 
It was a pleasure to watch you ski yesterday. 
Here is what I see and what we worked on. 
1. Stand on the left edge of the white water for at least 10 meters in length, before it is time for you to pullout to the left. Standing on the left edge will give you more consistency with you Gate width and balance in your glide! 
2. Remember your width zones for each line length. 
16m 3m-2.25m minimum (75cm zone)
14m 2m-1.5m minimum 
(50cm zone)
13m 1.5m-1.1m minimum 
(40cm zone)
12m 1.0m-0.7m minimum
(30cm zone)
11m 0.5m-0.3m minimum 
(20cm zone)
Do not keep waiting to turn for the gate in training, if you keep doing this you will be turning in from a different width with different speed and angle each time, this will never give you the same result! 
Force your self to get out to your width zones, match the speed of the boat in order to make the same turn over and over! Sure some times you will miss the gate, but this will force you to move the boat in train in order to not keep missing the gate! 
The mind set for training is different to a tournament! 
3. Keep resetting your resting stance to Neutral! 
Neutral is not natural and we have to learn it and practice it when ever possible outside the course! 
This will bring accuracy to your turns and rhythm for each line length. 
Let me know if you have any questions. 
Jeff, our web master will he’ll you set up your free trial account to post your training videos on and then we can stay in contact as your train and improve! 

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