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Instructor Membership

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Do you teach students?  Do you have a location where people can come and ski?  Maybe you dont need our Ski Skool Membership or want a full blown Coaching Membership the Instructor Membership is simple, inexpencive and best of all will help attract customers.

Here is how it works.

Purchase the Instructors membership.  You will get a full blown membershi to the site.  In addition you will be allowed to start a topic in the Lessons Category on the site.  The lessons category has listings of places to waterski all over the U.S. and soon the world.  In a topic you can describe all about your location as well as Directions, Hours, Contact Phone, Email and any other discriptive text you would like.  You can also add PHOTOS in your listing.  Offer specials, coupons and any other items you would like.  Best of all this is your topic and you can go back and change it at any time!  Add Seasonal Specials and more.  YOU have the freedom to create anything you want and change it anytime.

IN Addition you will also be able to stick a pin into our Member Map.  The Member Map is an online interactive map with pins of members all over the world.  If someone is in your area from another part of the country or world and they want to go skiing they simple go to the Member Map and zoom in on the area where they want to ski and FIND YOU! 

Go on and have a look at the Member Map right now.

So how can you loose?  This package is so inexpencive we may be out of our minds but get it before we raise the price!


As always if you have questions email us. Info@TheSkiSkool.com

Would you like to see a sample of the Type of TOPIC you can create



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