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    How do you tell the driver to GO?

    "Eg e me.." norwegian
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    Espen Dale 24.9.2016

    Time for some Coaching again. It is getting Colder up north now so Im going to Kaiafas for one week practice before the tournament there 8-9 of oct. Completed 13 for the first time today.. I feel like the hardest thing now is my onside turn? 14/58 Hi Espen I'm happy to see your skiing continue to improve as you work through the small issues. Completing a new line length is also exciting and a conformation you are working on the right things in your training. As you can see in the videos, you look strong and have minimal movement in your position in your offside from left to right. You and doing a much better job of keeping the alignment in your stance in the offside, compared to the onside. It's the onside where we need to focus on in your training, because of the movements and adjustments to regain balance and control as you finish your onside turn and get picked up by the boat, is where there is a lose of time, angle and acceleration to an earlier place before the buoy on the Left side of the course. I'm sure you can feel the adjustments (Sometimes small and sometimes large)? And as your left shoulder come up and rotates back around toward the boat, instead of locking it in after your onside turn where I does not move, come up or even back toward the boat, you will feel better neutral and equal support between your feet, the ski staying leve and more settled in the water staying and the angle and direction you finished your turn toward. When the left should moves, you are moving and get thrown to your back right foot and not only is the instantaneous acceleration lost, but the angle also and this lost of valuable direction and space will result in a faster, narrower, more unstable turn with less control and consistency. The times your set a more aligned position in the onside turn and hold in the pull, there is more space and time gained and maintained into and throughout your offside turn with a tour that not only finishes closer to the buoy, but with more angle and a quick pickup out of the turn with less movement in word. 13/58 (first time) Congratulations on completing the 13 meter line for the first time, this is a great achievement Espen and I know you have worked hard for it. Your gate set up to this pass is pretty good, getting out wide enough with a good stance, width and turn with speed whilst holding the neutral position throughout the turn is a huge part of how you ran this pass, even with a few mistakes and some weakness in the onside turn and pull (right to left) left should movement, you are keeping enough across course direction and rhythm to be able to keep going for six turns and a full pass. This movement is what we have to fix though, this weakness is your key to completing 12 meters and making it consistent. You are correct with your statement above, cleaning up your onside turn is the key Espen. 12/58 On 12 meter is where all that hard work you have put in on learning how the pullout to a good width, in a good neutral stance and holding your position in the glide whilst learning to match the boat speed so that you can turn cleanly to angle and direction that will give you your acceleration and speed across the gate and the course. The angle that you set on this particular gate turn was to shallow and your acceleration and cross course speed is not quick enough, causing you to hVe to pull long and pretty much all the way out to one ball. Our gate turn has to be with matching speed to allow you to find the correct angle and acceleration to and earlier place in front of one back. Keep going Espen, you are doing great and improving nicely.
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    Espen Dale 18.8.2016

    its a 55 just to get used to the line length.
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    Espen Dale 18.8.2016

    Yea the pass is 55 as the title says. I now starts out at 16/55 and raise the speed and go 16/58 because that 18/58 feels so weird;) yes i can see what you see about falling inn with the body before the ski. I will try to rotate back to neutral and stand even more in a line when I'm gliding and see if that will create more speed.
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    Espen Dale 06.04.2016

    https://youtu.be/VdHV-dY5Jrs https://youtu.be/0qNTx571TJ0