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    This was my first two sets. Hello Justyna I hope you and family are enjoying your weekend rest and allowing your bodies to recover from two weeks of hard training. I am very happy with the progress you have all made in the first two weeks of train. Maris is coming along nicely and I excited she is wanting to get out on the water most day, of course this is the real key to progression. At this stage of her skiing, if continuing training daily she is going to see improvement ever session. Lukas is also now starting to see great improvement and progress, he has good skills already, but as you could see needed to make some changes to his stance that will give him tremendous control and consistency not to mention improvement through efficiency. He has now experience the balance created from a more neutral stance and how this will automatically improve the angle and natural speed creat in the offside turn and pull. And also how the alignment and neutral weight distribution will create better angle and space inform of the buoy in front of the offside. The alignment and direction will also help him find the middle of the ski much more when turn the onside so that he continues to stay balance on the middle of the ski and the finish of the onside turn, rather than on his back foot pulling wheelies and only facing toward the boat which will cause a delayed onside pull with very shallow cross course angle and no space in front of the offside buoy making it feel rushed and fast. You are starting to stand also more neutral and turn from within the required width zone for 18 & 16 meter lines in order to set the right angle and direction prior to meeting the wakes, which ensure the edge change starting in the correct place on the pendulum at full speed 55kph. This is the only way to control speed and the rope and more difficult to learn if we wait to the short lines to get you wider on your set up and glide. Once we have this working well, you will find it much easier to learn how to control your head in the turns and keep your eyes on a more level playing field.