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  1. Gustavo

    Last tournaments

    I had a grat time on the last 2 tournaments in Brazil. The first one was a regional championship in the lake I train, where I placed first with 2@11m, which is also my PB. Don't even have to say how happy I got :D The last championship was the 2nd stop of the brazilian nations. I placed 3rd with a result of 3@12m on the Open Men's category. The 2nd place ran 5@35off, so I hope I can beat him next time.
  2. Gustavo

    Gustavo Franco 02/19/2018

    hello Jodi, what do you think I could do better to make this pass easier? 13m Both on 14 and this 13 meter pass, you are dropping back on your glide and loosing speed, which also means your pull after the gate turn starts to close to the first wake and you are working hard to generate speed by leaning hard and pressing with your legs. The more you can limit the lean and compress more with your legs, the earlier you will arrive before the buoy allowing you to finish the turn up course and closer to the backside of the ball. There is also a 14m pass I was consistently getting to 4 at 12m, but I struggled a lot at first balls in this set, what do you think? Thanks! Hello Gustavo Great to hear from you and great to see you using this tool to help you train. First remember your width zone for the -2 meter line 0.7-1.0 meter outside the left buoy line. Are you setting up this wide? you do look to be waiting to long in your glide for line tension, but in doing so you are loosing to much speed and width before turning for the gate.. very important for a left foot forward skier to be disaplind on this widthzone and match boat speed. If you are finding it difficult to turn with the speed or not keep the line tension that feels good, then you have the work more on the neutral alignment in your glide to control your path whilst finding the matching boat speed and turn point.
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  4. Gustavo

    2nd Place on brazilian nationals

    Had an amazing time in brazilian nationals last weekend. The event was pretty funny and I also got a good result of 1.5@12m in the finals, putting me in the second place of the main category of the tournament. The first place did 3@12, so I finished it with a very positive thinking. Congratulations Gustavo on placing 2nd on the Podium at the Brazilian National Championships in the Open Men’s Slalom Catagory! This is an Awesome achievement at age 15 Years and a wonderful result for 2018 Jodi Fisher Jodi’s Ski Skool
  5. Gustavo

    Classes with Jodi in Brazil

    During his world tour, Jodi has been to Brazil in the lake I ski, and I had the amazing opportunity to get some classes with him. It was one of the most amazing experiences I had, not only in waterskiing, but in my whole life. It made me understand more about the thing I love doing the most, and everything I learned made me even more passionate about the sport. Like if that wasn’t enough, Jodi also invited me to be part of the Jodi’s ski team, and I’m definetely very excited about it. I can’t wait to meet him again in Brazil next year, and to visit him in Orlando as soon as possible. For now, I’ll keep training hard and focused, looking forward to the nationals championship in the beggining of february. Thank you Jodi! Gustavo
  6. Gustavo

    Gustavo Franco 12/20/2017

    Hey Jodi! Yes, I think I was a little shorter than it should be, will focus on that on training this weekend and work to not loose speed before I pull in, also. The new grip is feeling awesome, I’m glad I did it sooner, it’s feeling a lot more comfortable and efficient. I have run some 32 off with the new grip and I actually got some good passes in it, although I’ve been working more on 28 off. I also tried a couple of 35’s and it wasn’t so bad, got a good start in one of them. Thank you for your feedback Jodi, and I’ll work on my page also!
  7. Gustavo

    Gustavo Franco 12/20/2017

    Hey Jodi! How are you? These are videos of me skiing at 22off and 28off. Gustavo, thank you for taking the time to post a video of your training. Of course the sustem has noifide me of this post and I will spend more this this evening studdying the videos and making a detailed report. My first question is How wide are you setting up in your Glide? from my perspective it doesn't look quite wide enough! The real Width-Zone for the 16 meter line is 2.25 meter minimum and 3 meters wider than the buoy line is the correct width for this line length. Especially for a left foot forward skier where you have your longest turn and you weaker side in the pull against the boat. You have a 75 cm Width Zone that you have to be getting out to and gliding to the same speed as the boat and then turn before loosing speed, sinking and loosing any width. Of course you will have to sacrifice the gates on some of the passes, but turning from the correct width with matching boat speed is what you should be training. We talked about the fact that you have to go through the gates in a tournament, but learn to make your adjustments with the boat in training and not with your widths, speed and angles, these have to be as accurate as possible and you have to become disaplined at training this way in training which is of course different to how you compete. Gustavo How's the new grip feeling? to me it looks so much better with your right hand at the top of the handle! Your remembering to start on the left edge of the white water for your pullout, well done! You are starting in a smooth, balanced and controlled way for your pull out which of course is much easier to become consistent with. How wide were in this glide for 14 meters? remember the width Zone for 14 meters is 1.5 minimum and 2 meters wider than the course for correct width. again no slowing down slower than the boat, sinking or loosing width before turning. As soon as you start to feel the speed leveling out to match the boat, assuming you are balanced properly on your ski with good alignment you will have the line control needed to turn in whilst still having the same speed as the boat. You need this width to turn the same everytime to the same angle, which will be resposable for your acceleration and space before the wakes to reach to optimum speed across the wakes. This will also allow you to change your edge in the correct place so that you have time and space to decelerate in front of the turn buoy. Everything else looks pretty good, just keep control of the intensity of your onside turn so that you down take to much lean, angle and speed in to your offside turn. Remember we are looking for an even rhythm, and this will only happen with equal angles, leans and turns. How short have you taken the rope since I was there with you in Sao Paulo?? Keep up the great training Gustavo and keep build you page out with pictures, write your blog at least weekly and please post in your social media about your training and competing and when you do please hash tag #jodisskiskool & #jodisskiteam