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    Ruthie Detwiler 8/9/17

    30 mph 28 off Hello Ruthie Let me start by saying great stance on your ski and the end of this pass and it was great to see that adopted this drill when finishing each of your passes and when gliding to a stop and into the water, you were practicing the perfect balance stance that will no doubt pay off in your gate glide and throughout the course. Now on this 28 off pass, you need to be getting out to the width zone of 4.5' -6' wider than than the left side of the course. If you don't make it out into this zone each time, then you next opt for best case scenario. If your only 4' wide, then before you start loosing speed and then next loosing width, you should sacrifice the gate timing and turn with as close to the correct width zone for the line length your on. Not being wide enough is the first reason for not getting your ski turned to set angle and have the chance to generate speed before the wakes. This in turn causes you to have to keep pulling after the wakes and doesn't allow you to change your edge early enough because to don't have the angle or speed to do so. Pull after the wakes is the only way your think you be wide enough, but then the speed takes you to far passed the buoys. Keep working on getting out to the width zones on each line length. 15 off is 12' - 9' minimum 22 off is 9' - 7' minimum 28 off is 6' - 4.5' minimum. And keep work work on your great neutral glide into the water at the end of each pass with you arms out in front and over your ski, just like you should glide for your next gate set up.