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    15 32 MPH

    15 32 MPH Hello Greg great to see that you have posted another video of your skiing. The most important part of slalom skiing is balance and having this in the turn and across the wakes is what all skiers strive to achieve. Please remind me if I talked to you about switching your grip? Being right foot forward and right hand up on top of the handle allows you to stand to open to the boat on your onside lean and keeps more weight on your back foot rather than distributing it even between your legs and in the middle of your ski. Try switching your grip to left hand on the top of the handle, and hong the handing like you would a baseball bat. Right foot forward and left hand up at the tot of the handle just as if it were a baseball bat. The other very import thing is at the start of your gate set up, try to make one smooth pull out to a width of between 9-12 feet wider that the course or 2-4-6 buoy line. I'm guessing your usually close to being in line with the buoy line? Whist skiing on 15 off, you goal should be to be getting out into the width zone of 9-12 feet on every pass and each speed up to the maximum for 15 off. This will help you set the correct angle for the gate cut. If you pull out and don't get out that wide, then op for the best case scenario and the moment you feel yourself about to slow down, start your turn and make your gate pull without waiting to go through the gates. However much you miss the gate by is a good indication of how much to move the boat of the pre gates assuming you pulled out wide enough first? Work on getting out into the width zone first of 9-12 feet outside the course, before you start moving the boat closer the pre gate.