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  1. Jenna Gay

    Jenna Gay 07/10/17 12 Meter

    Do u have any tip for me to stand more on my ski at the edge change/pre turn specially going to 1-3-5? (Left foot forward) I feel like I start the turn already on my back foot, not centered on my ski, so then it's hard to be in gd centered position at the end of the turn. I feel it's the reason why I'm so on the back foot at the finish of the turn. Thx Jodi jenna
  2. Jenna Gay

    Jenna Gay 07/10/17 12 Meter

    Hi Jenna Please don't miss understand me, you are obviously an maxing skiers and I not expecting you to change everything over night. I only wanted to know if you have tried the opposite grip. Now that you have told me that you have I understand it can feel difficult. Even if you don't change the grip, you can still fix your stance to a more aligned stance in order to bring you Wright to the center of the ski for more efficiency and. Igor sure if you were you try changing you drip again, we would wait to next season but you can at least learn to hold you stance my neutral toward the center of your front foot and ski in order to center your weight and balance in order to center you in the middle of your ski. This will help with your efficiency and balance for sure.