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  1. ace1980

    Thompson Chris 060417

    Chris Thompson 16 Meter line June 4th 2017 at JB Ski Chris Thompson 16 Meterline June 4th 2017 at JB Ski Chris Thompson 16 meter line June 4th 2017 at JB Ski Chris Thompson 16 meter line June 4th 2017 at JB Ski Chris Thompson 14 meter line June 4th 2017 at JB Ski Chris Thompson 14 meter June 4th 2017 at JB Ski
  2. ace1980

    Jones Perry 06/04/17

    Perry Jones 52 Kph 18M June 4Th 2017 JB Ski Hello Perry It's was such a pleasure to meet up with you again after so many years and thank you for giving me the opportunity to watch and coach you in your slalom skiing. As you will hear me talk about the correct width zone to be gliding in up to your gate turn and making sure you turn for the gates before slowing down, sinking and then drifting in narrower than that width zone prior to turning for the gates. Start making sure you get out to this width at 52kph so that it's not a scary position to be at when going to 55kph where this width is more critical than 52. Perry Jones 18 M June 4th 2017 JBSki Perry Jones 55kph 18 meter June 4th 2017 JB Ski Great job at getting wider for your gate set up and glide, you will clearly have to pull out early to get out to the correct width zone at 55kph especially in a tail wind. You will also hear in the video and remember me talking about alignment in your stance on your ski. As a left foot forward skier, your core would naturally be facing 30 degrees to the right side of your ski, but when you allow yourself to stand this way, you can see in your glide even though your ski is tracking straight, your body is facing inward toward the boat and your weight is on your back foot rather than equally distributed between your feet and in the middle of your ski. Being in the correct width zone with a neutral stance with equal weight on both legs in the middle of your ski are the two biggest keys to your improvement in your skiing Perry! Trust me on this and you will start to see a dramatic improvement to your scores and your consistency. Perry Jones 55kph 18 m June 4th 2017 JB Ski Perry Jones 18 m 55kph June 4th 2017 JB Ski Perry Jones 18 m 55Kph June 4th 2017 at JB Ski Perry Jones 16 Meter June 4th 2017 at JB Ski Perry Jones 16 meter line June 4th 2017 at JB ski https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HcTt2IRfrk&feature=youtu.be Perry Jones 16 Meters June 4th 2017 at JBSki Perry Jones 16 meter line June 4th 2017 at JB Ski Perry Jones 16 meter line tailwind June 4th 2017 at JB Ski
  3. ace1980

    Lee Molly 06/02/17

    Molly Lee 49kph June 4th 2017 JB Ski Hello Molly I hope you have trained a few times since we saw each other at JB Ski? So you will remember we talked about width Zone a great deal and you can see here on this 49 Kph starting speed that you were not much wider than the buoy line especially when you finally turned for then Gates. We have the discussion out not allowing the drift back inward? The Width zone for the 18 meterline is between 3-4 meters and we need to be me cisalpine day getting out to the width zone and being balanced in the glide ready to turn before we slow down, since on our ski and drift back inword to the buoy line or worse inside. Force yourself to turn from then3-4 meter zone every time and then start moving the boat on the Pre Gate so as not to keep missing the entry gate. This way you can continue to turn the same same way, the the same angle and position to ensure the same rhythm and tempo. Molly Lee 52 Kph June 4th 2017 JBSki You did turn before loosing width on this gate and of course your passed before the gates, at least you trained turning from close to the widest you were that time in your set up. Was it within the correct width zone? If not make sure you pull longer the next time to be in the correct 3-4, I can't stress this enough Molly. You can see your pulling position from zero to one and from Two to three buoys were not really in alignment or your strongest position, but you did get into a far stronger position out of four buoy across to five and this is what I want to see on all of your onside pulls from Left to right. Being in this more aligned position will not only feel stronger Molly, but you will ski earlier in the course, you will be wider in front of your offside turns and your balance will be much improved! So again I want to ask to ask you how wide are you on you gate set up and glide? To me you only look somewhere between 2-3 meters at best rather than 3-4 meters? You are definitely slowing down below boat speed and drifting back and loosing width! Are you aware of this? I know you worried about continuing to miss the gates in training ahead of Tournaments and yes with this particular gate set up, if you had turned at the point of realizing you we're starting to slow down and loose width, you should have turned and yes you would have missed the gates! But at least you could have turned with best case scenario on your width and speed and then adjusted your pull out on the next path not to miss the gate again. Whether you have to pull out later, or even earlier and longer to actually reach 4 meters without being late for your gate or getting slack rope on the gate turn. We also worked on getting set in a more lined up onside pulling position for gate turn to one buoy, two buoy to three and four buoy to five. You can see your onside pull is not that lined up or ever strong and this is why you are pulled over the left turning edge of your ski on your offside approve to the first turn. If you could see your path from above, you would see that the boat takes quite a lot of angle away from you which causes you to be narrow and fast into your offside 1, 3 & 5 turns. Being set in a stronger onsite pulling position would also create space and time in front of your offside turn buoys and improve your stance and alignment which then would give you better balance and result in better offside turns. Molly Lee 55kph June 4th 2017 JB Ski Once at 55kph on 18 meterline and in a tailwind, you should be pulling out with the boat roughly a full boat length before it meets the pre gate, 7-8 meters that way you would have more time to pull longer out the the correct width zone of 3-4 meters wider than the buoy line and not have slack line when turning in. You have slack line on this set up not just because you pulled out to late and less than 7-8 meters, but you can see you are leaning inward over your inside right edge of your ski in the whole glide. As you ski more and trust that even if your are fast and late for your gate, you will be better off staying away from the boat to keep the line tight. Turn in late and even after the gate with a tight line, is a way better start to a pass than being on the right hand gate buoy but having turned on slack line. Whilst you you are light in weight and not as strong as you will become Molly, you need to be trying to turn with a tight line every time, even if that means turning later for the gates than you would like. The gates are so important in your training more than you know and it's no good just going between the two gates buoys from a bunch of different width, speeds and of course having your ski sitting high on the water if you have good speed or sitting deep in the water if you have no speed. First learning to consistently out into the correct width zone is crucial, then making sure you turn from within that zone and not drifting inward. Loosing speed and width just to keep going through the gates. Trust me this is very very important to you progression in slalom? Do you have any more questions with regarding your gate set up???? Please post some more video of your skiing,
  4. ace1980

    Stephenson Beverley 060217

    Beverley Stephenson 16 meter June 2nd 2017 JB Ski UK Hi Beverley I apologize it has taken so long to get to report on this lesson from JB Ski. We have just gone through a majoy Up Grade on The Ski Skool with much better background programming for the ability to add new features and updates. I am just getting to grips with it and a few things are different and we have to work them out. This 16 meter line pass will get moved to the bottom of the list of videos as it would be in the set. You can see quite clearly though how you are not really setting the alignment and the right shoulder in place in the zero turn for the gateand each of your onside turns on the leftside of the course. this is causing you stay to open to the leftside of your ski and not allowing a powerful enough edge and leverge to create speed and outbound momentum into you offside and the release back inward keep you narrow and starts your ski turning before before deceleration or holding your line outward. Beverley Stephenson 55kph June 2nd 2017 Beverley Stephenson 55Kph June 2nd 2017 JB Ski UK Beverley Stephenson 55 KPH June 2nd 2017 JB Ski UK