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  1. Molly Lee

    Lee Molly 31/01/18

    Hi Jodi Sorry i haven't posted in a while I just had end of year exams. At the competition I got 2 at 13 which was a pb and tricked 2250. Since then I have been working quite a lot on jump amd we went up to Hazelwood during half term to jump. This is a video of one of my jumps, do you have any tips on my landings?
  2. Molly Lee

    Lee Molly 31/01/18

    Hi Jodi, Have my first competition this weekend any last minute advice?
  3. Molly Lee

    Lee Molly 31/01/18

    Thank you! I only hve one year at 52kph but am excited to get into shorter rope. I got into 13 a few days ago! I am at Cirencester on the 28th and 29th are there anyother times you can do?
  4. Molly Lee

    Lee Molly 31/01/18

    Hi Jodi They've just changed the rules for under 14 girls and we have to shorten at 52 now. I'm struggling with the position across the wake at the slower speed. Attached is a photo of me crouching down - do you have any tips or advice please? My first comp is in 3 weeks and I want to be back on form. Thanks Molly P.S. Its still really cold ! Wow, wasn't expecting that! Well I'm sure it fells a big change right now, but better slower than faster! You'll just have to remember it like music and the tempo of 52Kph is a slower rhythm than at 55kph. Pace the course out and drop you intensity in order to slow the tempo down. You will get used to it and I don't think it will take as long as you think it will. Actually it should get easier as the water warms up because you will not create speed as easily and this will help to keep you cross course speed down. The plus side is that you will be going much shorter with the rope in 2018 and thats great experience for when you have to go 55kph again. Do you have one year or two at 52kph now? I hope it starts warming up soon, not looking forward to training there at the end on April. Will you make it up to Tamworth Cliff Lakes? April 29th? im going to pull some lessons following the seminar.
  5. Molly Lee

    Lee Molly 31/01/18

    Hi Jodi, just got my Thule bags, they are perfect for travel and comps thank you so much!! Also I was wondering if you know what speed I jumped at thank you again, Molly Hello Molly Awesome to hear you have recieved the Thule Bags, its also looking like we will have a sponsorship for Jodi's Ski Team with Camaro Wet Suits so if you can let me know your wetsuit size? Long suit, shorty and Vest? I will also sort this out for you. I have the boat speed at 40kph and the Ramp at 5 foot.
  6. Molly Lee

    Lee Molly 31/01/18

    Hi, this is another video of the revers wrap from today, can you see it now??? This is a video of a helicopter and wake 180s I am trying to get them fast while still keeping the air