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  1. Yuya Hanahata

    Yuya Hanahata 2017/9/16 52kph18m

    Hi Jodi, how are you?? Is your ski school fine? This is the 52kph I had yesterday. I want your coaching. I realize that have to go more wider at the gate. In addition, I want to keep angle after the wake so what should I do for that?? Please tell me anything you think that I can change more. Hello Yuya you are for sure correct with knowing you need to get wider and then turn for wider than the course, (3-4 meters wider then the course) on all speeds on 18 meter line. And then once gliding in the correct width zone, right before you would start looking speed, starting to sink and loose width. Then you need to be turn whilst you still have the speed to complete the turn to correct angle. This width combined with angle and opportunity to create speed before the wakes, is what makes it much more easier to hold directions and your early line across course keeping you early. Letvme know how this works out for your skiing. Jodi
  2. Yuya Hanahata

    Yuya Hanahata 03/19/17 18m/49km

    Hi, Jodi I think this was the most easiest 49kph I've ever had. Maybe I should go little more wider at the gate. My glide and zero turn is much better than before but I think it should be better. I will keep trying to make it better by keeping the alignment. And I want to ask you what should I think at the zero turn to make it better. I know I should image the S-turn but is there some tips?
  3. Yuya Hanahata

    Yuya Hanahata 2/21 18m/48km

    Hello.!! Im having great time here. Through this pass, I tried to keep the direction after the wake. But sometime I still tend to push my back foot especially at the offside-turn Hello Yuya I appreciate your comments about our school and always want to improve when ever possibly. Feedback from our valued students is how we get better. You are correct that you do press on your rear foot at times and more rotation towards the positive side of your front foot will place your weight more into the middle of your ski and equally between your feet. This will help you feet the deceleration you want to approaching your offside turn and maintain the core strength through to your front foot through the neutral centerline of your ski.