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    010619 Abdi Iran

    Hello Abdi It’s a pleasure to see you and spend time with you at I Ski in Dubai just like 8 years ago in Mexico
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    010619 Jamal Junior

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    071518 Tancredi

    Hello Tancredi It was a pleasure to watch you ski yesterday. Here is what I see and what we worked on. 1. Stand on the left edge of the white water for at least 10 meters in length, before it is time for you to pullout to the left. Standing on the left edge will give you more consistency with you Gate width and balance in your glide! 2. Remember your width zones for each line length. 16m 3m-2.25m minimum (75cm zone) 14m 2m-1.5m minimum (50cm zone) 13m 1.5m-1.1m minimum (40cm zone) 12m 1.0m-0.7m minimum (30cm zone) 11m 0.5m-0.3m minimum (20cm zone) Do not keep waiting to turn for the gate in training, if you keep doing this you will be turning in from a different width with different speed and angle each time, this will never give you the same result! Force your self to get out to your width zones, match the speed of the boat in order to make the same turn over and over! Sure some times you will miss the gate, but this will force you to move the boat in train in order to not keep missing the gate! The mind set for training is different to a tournament! 3. Keep resetting your resting stance to Neutral! Neutral is not natural and we have to learn it and practice it when ever possible outside the course! This will bring accuracy to your turns and rhythm for each line length. Let me know if you have any questions. Jeff, our web master will he’ll you set up your free trial account to post your training videos on and then we can stay in contact as your train and improve! Jodi
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    061818 David Lincoln

    I am unsure of the exact training date. Here are the videos.
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    This Power Point Slide show will walk you thru the steps to insert a training video inside a topic in the Coaches Category. One of the many fantastic features of TheSkiSkool.com is the ability for coaching. This is just another example of how the system works. Click the Download button and save this presentation. Then follow the steps carefully to create a new topic with an embedded video. Honestly after you have done it once it will be simple. As always if you have trouble do not hesitate to contact the "Guy in the Cloud" at Info@TheSkiSkool.com


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    Getting a Ski Skool Membership

    Version 1.0.0


    If you have not purchased a membership on TheSkiSkool.com you are not seeing all the site has to offer. More than half the site is reserved for members only. Follow the simple instructions in this two minute video and open a whole new water ski world!


  7. Getting a Ski Skool Membership View File If you have not purchased a membership on TheSkiSkool.com you are not seeing all the site has to offer. More than half the site is reserved for members only. Follow the simple instructions in this two minute video and open a whole new water ski world! Submitter TheSkiSkool Submitted 06/19/18 Category Video tutorials  
  8. Do you have a club?  Do you want to start one?  Easy to do here on TheSkiSkool.com

  9. This is a sample of what it can do.

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    Banner Advertising

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    This is a power point presentation on advertising banners on TheSkiSkool.com


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    Jodi's Ski Skool Video

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    Jodi's Ski Skool Video

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    Jenna Gay 07/10/17 12 Meter

    Hello Jenna I trust you are feeling better? As you mentioned in our previous conversations, you know how important the start is for the pass, but what is it that is important and what should you be trying to repeat and be accurate with on your start? Well I have a few things that you may or may not have heard of before, or may not have been told. Maybe you have and we will see once you have read this report. Speed is the most important ellimemt to your skiing in order to not be fighting with the boat, as it is far stronger that any skier. So efficiency is also key and in my opinion the three key that you should be trying to be most accurate with is your stance, your width and your speed matching the boat. These three keys are far more important that your timing in training. Far to many skier try to be accurate on the right hand gate ball, but dont realize they are first of all not standing the balanced and efficiant way they could be on their ski and they are not realizing their glide width and their glide speed is quite different for one pass to the next, even when on the same line length. STANCE I personally am very strict on the resting position of a skier and how they stand on their ski as a default. Meening are you standing the most balanced you could be on the sweet spot of your ski when resting and gliding prior to your gate turn, or could you be doing this better. Imagine you were a gymnast standing on a balance beam, or a tight rope walker standing on a highwire, you would stand with the center of your core and belly button dead inline with the beam or the wire, in this case your ski is the balance beam or the wire and you can see how natural it is for a left foot forward skier to stand with their core and belly button about 35 degrees off to the rightside of the center of theor ski. You should rest standing on your ski with a default having your belly button rotated more left and directly inline with the center of your front foot and ski, just like a gymnast would on a balance beam or tightrope. Now I have a question for you before we get started on your stance. Have you ever be told to switch your grip to right hand at the top on the handle rather than the left one as you have it? Have you ever tried switching your grip? The reason I ask this question, is because left hand up and left foot forward promotes that you stand more sideways and this will for sure place more weight on your rear foot and not allow your ski to sit level on the water best. Im sure you can understand that standing back foot heavy can not be best efficient in turning, creating speed, or even reducing speed for that matter. The oposit hand to which foot forward you are will for sure feel strange and even awkward for a few sets, but this awkwardness doesn't mean is wrong, it just means is not familiar and standing sideways feeling comfortable doesnt mean it right, it just also means its familiar because you have trained is to feel comfortable. The oposit hand up to your front foot is by far the easiest way to stand facing forward and nuetral on your ski with the same weight on both legs and feet and in the middle of your ski where the sweet spot is and where the efficiency is for turning, angle, acceleration, direction, deceleration and consistency. Standing centered will also help you to get out to the correct width for gliding on each line length and will best maximize you staying at that width for the maximum length of time possible due to having the least amount resistance and drag from your ski from being more leave on the water. You can see in the video, your ski is not as level from tip to tail as it could be and just like in snow skiing. If you body faces into the mountain prior to or during the turn, your skis do not turn well. A forward and inline stance on your slalom ski is the same principle as standing on your snow skis and facing down the mountain, this keep your weight on your downhill ski as you know and in slalom the counted forward stance toward your front foot and leg, keeps the weight over the sweet sopt of your slalom ski and front leg and not on your back leg of rear foot, in snow ski terms your inside ski. GLIDE WIDTH How wide are you trying to glide prior to turn for the gates on 12 meters? and can you tell me how wide to try and pullout and glide for all your rope lengths? I believe you should be accurately be trying to get within a width zone for each line length 18 meterline you should be between 3 meters minimun and 4 meters ideal width (a 100cm window) 16 meterline you should be between 2.25 meters minimum and 3 meters ideal width (a 75cm window) 14 meterline you should be between 1.5 meter minimum and 2 meters ideal width (a 50cm window) 13 meterline you should be between 1.1 meter minimum and 1.5 meters ideal width (a 40cm window) 12 meterline you should be between 0.7 meter minimum and 1 meter ideal width ( a 30 cm window) 11 meterline you should be between -0.4 meters minimum and on the buoy line if possible (a 20 cm window) You are a better skier when you are training on each shorter line length, so you should be better and more accurate with getting within the glide window and turning from with the glide window without slowing down, loosing speed and momentum, sinking your ski and starting to loose width and dift inward prior to turning. Matching the boat speed is how thye best skiers in the world can score practically the same score anywhere in the world given the same water conditions. COMPRESSION & SPEED I also feel you could compress your legs more at the close of the turn and as the boat starts to pull against you let your legs compress, especially your front legs which will help center your body weight right between your feet and into the middle of your ski, which will best allow you to set and hold angle and even gain angle the more you compress. When pressing you front let straight, you press you ski further forward including the wider part of the ski that can support you keeping you on top of the water rather than pressing your weight more towards the rear of your ski which will alow gravity to press the narrow tail of the ski deeper into the water causing more resistance and drag reducing the capability of efficiency, angle and inturn across course speed and direction, resulting in less width and a more down course apex to your turn. I know this is not your best skiing Jenna, but it does indicate why you have some off sets and dont always get the start you need for 12 and 11 meter line. Be more concerned with turning with a good neutral stance, from within the width zone on each line length. and if you find yourself not quite wide enough, or out there to early to keep your width. Do not wait and glide longer just because you want to go through the gates. I makes no sence to slow down more that the perfect matching speed with the boat, allow your ski to sink deeper into the water one time more than another time and start drifting in to a narrower width one pass verses another just to go through the gates. Turning in from an off balanced stance, with a different amount of speed, with your ski deeper in the water and from a different width but expect to skithe course with the same rhthym will never happen. If you find yourselve out there to early in your glide or not quite wide enough, always take the best case scenario and turn with the best width you have on that pass with the best matching speed possible. Sarifice the gate timing and just turn so that you can practice turning from as close to the correct width zone as possible with the same speed, this will allow you to train turning the same turn in the same stance and into the same angle with will inturn allow the same accelerationa and width to create the same speed prior to the wakes. How ever much you miss the gates by assuming you turn from within the width zone, would indicate exactly how much to move the bost on the pregate on the next pass so as not to miss the gates again. LOL, sorry for the lengthy report. Let me know if you have questions?? X
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    Waterskiing emoji

    Hi Liz, I think that is a great idea. I will get together with the Art & Graphics people and see what they can come up with. All the best and thanks for being part of our site. Jeff
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    Waco WAkeboard Event

    This is one of the best Events for Wake board SEE EVENT HERE 11-05-2015 03;17;50PM.PDF Contact us at 444-444-4445 or visit our website at www.WacoWaco.com
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    GOODE Record 2

    Dawn Goode PO Box 527 Huntsvillle, UT 84317 801-389-6202 dawn@goode.com
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    Long Pond Henniker New Hampshire

    For more information contact Jodi Fisher.
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    Ski Demo at Sequl Championships

    For specific information contact Jodi Fisher
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    Great Lakes California USA

    For specific information contact Jodi Fisher
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    Twin Lakes Ski Club

    For specific information contact Jodi Fisher twinlakeswaterskiclub.com
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    Bell Aqua Lake 3 Sacramento California USA

    For specific information contact Jodi Fisher
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    Great Lakes California Ski Clinick

    For specific information contact Jodi Fisher
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    Lake Chaney Washington

    For specific information contact Jodi Fisher
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    Timber Lake Virginia USA

    For specific information contact Jodi Fisher