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  1. Do you have a club?  Do you want to start one?  Easy to do here on TheSkiSkool.com

  2. This is a sample of what it can do.

  3. Do you have a Ski Event?  Get an Event Organizers membership!  Post your event on the calendar and a pin will automatically appear on the Member Map! 

    For Help contact Info@TheSkiSkool.com

  4. PHOTOS!  Members if you have ski photos please upload!

  5. Sure would like to see some photos added by our members

  6. Check out the new Video page. If you know of a really cool Ski Video please add it to the site.

  7. We need Equipment! If you have any ski equipment let us know. We will start a 4Sale topic for you.

  8. Are you a member? Stick a pin in the Member Map.

  9. OK Members. Lets get the 4Sale area filled up. If you have anything for sale log in and post it.

  10. Loving all the new stuff on the site.

    1. TheSkiSkool


      And more new stuff


  11. Things are fantastic on this site.

    1. TheSkiSkool


      You have no idea


  12. MEMBERS!!! There are video tutorials available in the download section that show you how to perform many of the most common tasks on the site.

  13. New stuff being added daily. if you have question you can always send me a text or jump into the Chat Room.

  14. Both Jodi and Logan need to write some articles for the Current Events page. Start off with a nice article about Jodi's Ski Skool or one about Spray it Forwards. Get to it guys..