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  • How to upload Video into a Topic By TheSkiSkool

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    This Power Point Slide show will walk you thru the steps to insert a training video inside a topic in the Coaches Category.   One of the many fantastic features of TheSkiSkool.com is the ability for coaching. This is just another example of how the system works. Click the Download button and save this presentation. Then follow the steps carefully to create a new topic with an embedded video. Honestly after you have done it once it will be simple.   As always if you have trouble do not hesitate to contact the "Guy in the Cloud" at Info@TheSkiSkool.com
  • Getting a Ski Skool Membership By TheSkiSkool

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    If you have not purchased a membership on TheSkiSkool.com you are not seeing all the site has to offer.  More than half the site is reserved for members only.  Follow the simple instructions in this two minute video and open a whole new water ski world!