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    071518 Tancredi

    Hello Tancredi It was a pleasure to watch you ski yesterday. Here is what I see and what we worked on. 1. Stand on the left edge of the white water for at least 10 meters in length, before it is time for you to pullout to the left. Standing on the left edge will give you more consistency with you Gate width and balance in your glide! 2. Remember your width zones for each line length. 16m 3m-2.25m minimum (75cm zone) 14m 2m-1.5m minimum (50cm zone) 13m 1.5m-1.1m minimum (40cm zone) 12m 1.0m-0.7m minimum (30cm zone) 11m 0.5m-0.3m minimum (20cm zone) Do not keep waiting to turn for the gate in training, if you keep doing this you will be turning in from a different width with different speed and angle each time, this will never give you the same result! Force your self to get out to your width zones, match the speed of the boat in order to make the same turn over and over! Sure some times you will miss the gate, but this will force you to move the boat in train in order to not keep missing the gate! The mind set for training is different to a tournament! 3. Keep resetting your resting stance to Neutral! Neutral is not natural and we have to learn it and practice it when ever possible outside the course! This will bring accuracy to your turns and rhythm for each line length. Let me know if you have any questions. Jeff, our web master will he’ll you set up your free trial account to post your training videos on and then we can stay in contact as your train and improve! Jodi
  3. Jodi Fisher

    071118 Tim Peckett

    Hello Tim 1. Remember to stand on the left edge of the white water for at least 10 meters, before you need to start you Gate pullout. This will give you better balance and efficiency helping you to get to the width Zone for each line length. Here in 12 meter we need to be at 1.0m-0.7m minimum (30cm width zone) And start turning before you loose the speed that would cause you to start slowing down more than boat speed, sink and then start loosing the width zone. Keep resetting your Neutral alignment in order to keep efficiency and consistency of gate widths and speeds. Jodi
  4. TheSkiSkool

    061818 David Lincoln

    I am unsure of the exact training date. Here are the videos.
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    Getting a Ski Skool Membership

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    If you have not purchased a membership on TheSkiSkool.com you are not seeing all the site has to offer. More than half the site is reserved for members only. Follow the simple instructions in this two minute video and open a whole new water ski world!


  6. Getting a Ski Skool Membership View File If you have not purchased a membership on TheSkiSkool.com you are not seeing all the site has to offer. More than half the site is reserved for members only. Follow the simple instructions in this two minute video and open a whole new water ski world! Submitter TheSkiSkool Submitted 06/19/18 Category Video tutorials  
  7. Molly Lee

    Lee Molly 31/01/18

    Hi Jodi Sorry i haven't posted in a while I just had end of year exams. At the competition I got 2 at 13 which was a pb and tricked 2250. Since then I have been working quite a lot on jump amd we went up to Hazelwood during half term to jump. This is a video of one of my jumps, do you have any tips on my landings?
  8. Molly Lee

    Lee Molly 31/01/18

    Hi Jodi, Have my first competition this weekend any last minute advice?
  9. Molly Lee

    Lee Molly 31/01/18

    Thank you! I only hve one year at 52kph but am excited to get into shorter rope. I got into 13 a few days ago! I am at Cirencester on the 28th and 29th are there anyother times you can do?
  10. Molly Lee

    Lee Molly 31/01/18

    Hi Jodi They've just changed the rules for under 14 girls and we have to shorten at 52 now. I'm struggling with the position across the wake at the slower speed. Attached is a photo of me crouching down - do you have any tips or advice please? My first comp is in 3 weeks and I want to be back on form. Thanks Molly P.S. Its still really cold ! Wow, wasn't expecting that! Well I'm sure it fells a big change right now, but better slower than faster! You'll just have to remember it like music and the tempo of 52Kph is a slower rhythm than at 55kph. Pace the course out and drop you intensity in order to slow the tempo down. You will get used to it and I don't think it will take as long as you think it will. Actually it should get easier as the water warms up because you will not create speed as easily and this will help to keep you cross course speed down. The plus side is that you will be going much shorter with the rope in 2018 and thats great experience for when you have to go 55kph again. Do you have one year or two at 52kph now? I hope it starts warming up soon, not looking forward to training there at the end on April. Will you make it up to Tamworth Cliff Lakes? April 29th? im going to pull some lessons following the seminar.
  11. Molly Lee

    Lee Molly 31/01/18

    Hi Jodi, just got my Thule bags, they are perfect for travel and comps thank you so much!! Also I was wondering if you know what speed I jumped at thank you again, Molly Hello Molly Awesome to hear you have recieved the Thule Bags, its also looking like we will have a sponsorship for Jodi's Ski Team with Camaro Wet Suits so if you can let me know your wetsuit size? Long suit, shorty and Vest? I will also sort this out for you. I have the boat speed at 40kph and the Ramp at 5 foot.
  12. Wilson Spence

    Wilson Spence

  13. Jodi Fisher Ski Skool

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  14. Jodi Fisher

    Daddy Daughter Day at Sea World

    What are you going to do when you chaperone with your Daughters Teach Mr Galespy at SeaWorld
  15. A fun day in South Florida starting with a meet with the owner of Backdrsft Racing Reg Dodd in Boynton Beach and then on to the Miami Boat Show to meet with Miami Nautique International & Jet Surf USA followed by a training set at the Greater Miami Ski Club with my Amazing Sponsor And friend Thomas Syring from Thule Director of Sales & Marketing Central Europe.
  16. Gustavo

    Gustavo Franco 02/19/2018

    hello Jodi, what do you think I could do better to make this pass easier? 13m Both on 14 and this 13 meter pass, you are dropping back on your glide and loosing speed, which also means your pull after the gate turn starts to close to the first wake and you are working hard to generate speed by leaning hard and pressing with your legs. The more you can limit the lean and compress more with your legs, the earlier you will arrive before the buoy allowing you to finish the turn up course and closer to the backside of the ball. There is also a 14m pass I was consistently getting to 4 at 12m, but I struggled a lot at first balls in this set, what do you think? Thanks! Hello Gustavo Great to hear from you and great to see you using this tool to help you train. First remember your width zone for the -2 meter line 0.7-1.0 meter outside the left buoy line. Are you setting up this wide? you do look to be waiting to long in your glide for line tension, but in doing so you are loosing to much speed and width before turning for the gate.. very important for a left foot forward skier to be disaplind on this widthzone and match boat speed. If you are finding it difficult to turn with the speed or not keep the line tension that feels good, then you have the work more on the neutral alignment in your glide to control your path whilst finding the matching boat speed and turn point.
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