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coaching in Brazil

Jodi Fisher


After my first time visiting and Coaching in Brazil, for sure it will not be my last! I had an amazing time over the passed two weeks coaching in three Cities with three amazing groups of skiers in Rio, São Paulo and Curitiba. 

Thank you to Ricardo Garay Luce Metagazzi & Adriana Demeterco for being great host and helping to bring the groups together and for taking such great care of me whilst coaching at your sites and living in your homes. This part to me is so important and appreciated I can’t tell you how much, but please know I thank you for I and it make my job all that much easier and comfortable to not only do my job but to enjoy the experience in your country as much as possible. Thank you once again and I can’t wait to come back next year and see as many of you as psssible in my place in Orlando soon. 


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