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  1. End of the season

    It's November 26 and it was the last day of skiing for me this season. I just wanted to enjoy the last set and I did. Did 4@12 and I'm really happy with that. Unfortunately now it's time to get back to reality. I would like to thank Jodi and his family for taking me as a member of the family. Looking forward to getting back to this awesome place when I learned a lot not only about skiing but about life and myself as well. THANK YOU
  2. PB day

    Morning started a little weird because we had big fog over the lake. When it cleared we started with skiing and I went in. Jodi and I decided to do two-by-two set. But after first pass we actually changed it to the competition set. 16m, 14m, 13m all felt really greathink so we went to 12m. I was feeling really comfortable but I was making small mistakes which prevented me from running the 12m pass. And than I one pass it all came together and I ran it, and really comfortably. That was the second time ever I ran 12m. Jodi than put me on 11.25m and I made 1 buoy which was my personal best (previously 0.5 buoys). Attempted one more time but had pretty spectacular crash but thank God nothing happened. I was so happy and the day was perfect. But it wasn't done yet. I went for the set of trick after a 2 week break from trick. Made complete beginners program couple of times without falling and that was the day done perfectly. And of course beef for dinner was bonus points for that day. Couldn't get better than that. Looking forward to see what's next.
  3. Focus

    Monday morning set was exactly what it sounds like. Conditions were great and results were just not there. I got really frustrated with it and ended the set early. I was feeling down after that but I did a second set after that but with long concentration and thinking before the set. My mind was fully on the skiing. That really paid off because the results I was making in that set were surprising for the windy conditions that were on the lake at that moment. Today I realized how important focus really is for water skiing. No matter how bad the conditions are you can make your results if you are focused. From now on my preparation for skiing will be different. In Jodi's Ski Skool I'm learning a lot not only on the water but also off the water, about myself and how to control my emotions with which I really have problems with on the water.
  4. Sunday Funday

    Sunday November 19 was really fun. Woke up in the morning and realized that it was really windy. I don't usually like to ski in windy conditions so I wasn't happy going to the dock. But than I realized that that would be a good practice for upcoming Mediterranean games which will take place in Tarragona, Spain in 2018 and for which I'm training for. And Jodi told me just go in and have a good body position. Made a first pass and it was really fun (it was REALLY windy). Overall it was a good funight and even better experience. Later that day we went go-karting in Orlando. It went as expected with me 0.6 seconds faster than Jodi in the first race and 2 secondo faster in second race. I'm former Karting champion of Croatia so that was really expected. Even Jodi putting me in the barriers multiple times couldn't stop me. It was a really fun day and can't wait for more of days like that one. Thanks Jodi
  5. New front binding

    After a lot of debating on which binding I should buy and after discussing with Jodi he told me the HO Syndicate hardshell is the best binding on the market currently. So I went for it. I was so excited when it got here. Immediately mounted it on my ski and did a set on it. First few passes were horrible as expected but as I did more and more passes on it it started to feel more and more natural. I'm still in process of adapting to it but I belive I will be on top of it soon. One thing I noticed about it is that I can't get away with a mistake I was doing on previous binding and that is dropping my head on my offside turn. This binding will help me overcome that problem.
  6. First time in the US

    Woke up at 4am on 16/10/2017 and got ready to head to the airport. Did a check-in and everything was perfect. There was a 30 minutes delay on the first flight from Zagreb, Croatia to Frankfurt, Germany. I had 4.30 hours layover in Frankfurt, Germany. It was a bit boring but went fast. Grabed some food and drinks while waiting. Finally the time to board the plane came. I was so excited cause my dream was about to come true. We took off and a 10 hour flight to Orlando, FL began. Watched a few movies and first 8 hours went by fast but the last 2 hours were a little bit hard for me. Finally arrived to Orlando, FL and I immediately saw the difference between Croatia and US. Border control line was big and I waited some time there. Picked up my bag and my ski which of course came in the end. Then I met the man himself Jodi Fisher who came to pick me up at the airport (sorry for waiting dude). When we stepped out of the airport I was shocked with the temperature and even more with humidity in the air here. We got to his house and I met Jodi's wife Amanda (she is amazing) and skier Jay Brown. At that point I was awake for 24 hours and I was really tired. Jet lag kicked in at 4am but I managed to get some more sleep. I found it hard to breathe when I was skiing on the first day probably because of humidity which I'm not used to. We went to Orlando to pick up some demo skis because my 64" Syndicate A2 was too small. We picked up new Syndicate VTX and D3 NRG both 65". I tried Syndictate first and I felt the difference on the first pass already. Speed through the wakes is amazing and I liked it. Then I tried NRG and MY GOD. That ski is something special for me. Made my personal best result on the first set and another personal best on the second set (3@12/58). Right away I knew that was the ski I will buy. Then we got the 2018 Radar to try and it was good but not as good as NRG. Decision about the ski was made. Only thing that was left to try was 66" NRG. It wasn't good for me because I'm still too light for that ski. I kept on skiing on NRG and personal records kept on falling. In the end I did 1@11/58 and I didn't expect that this season. One more big change coming is binding change. Currently I'm on the Radar boot but I decided to go to HO hardshell boot. It should be on the way currently. In the meantime I went to watch the King of the Darkness pro competition to watch the best jumpers in the world do their thing. I met Nate Smith, Freddie Winter, Regina Jaques, and my old friend Carlo Basic. I also did one competition in Lapoint ski park where I did 0.5@12/58. It was myou first competition in the US and I was so nervous. Enjoying every minute of being here in Jodi's Ski Skool. Still can't believe this is true
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