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  3. Daddy Daughter Day at Sea World

    What are you going to do when you chaperone with your Daughters Teach Mr Galespy at SeaWorld
  4. A fun day in South Florida starting with a meet with the owner of Backdrsft Racing Reg Dodd in Boynton Beach and then on to the Miami Boat Show to meet with Miami Nautique International & Jet Surf USA followed by a training set at the Greater Miami Ski Club with my Amazing Sponsor And friend Thomas Syring from Thule Director of Sales & Marketing Central Europe.
  5. Gustavo

  6. 2nd Place on brazilian nationals

    Had an amazing time in brazilian nationals last weekend. The event was pretty funny and I also got a good result of 1.5@12m in the finals, putting me in the second place of the main category of the tournament. The first place did 3@12, so I finished it with a very positive thinking. Congratulations Gustavo on placing 2nd on the Podium at the Brazilian National Championships in the Open Men’s Slalom Catagory! This is an Awesome achievement at age 15 Years and a wonderful result for 2018 Jodi Fisher Jodi’s Ski Skool
  7. Do you have a club?  Do you want to start one?  Easy to do here on TheSkiSkool.com

  8. Classes with Jodi in Brazil

    During his world tour, Jodi has been to Brazil in the lake I ski, and I had the amazing opportunity to get some classes with him. It was one of the most amazing experiences I had, not only in waterskiing, but in my whole life. It made me understand more about the thing I love doing the most, and everything I learned made me even more passionate about the sport. Like if that wasn’t enough, Jodi also invited me to be part of the Jodi’s ski team, and I’m definetely very excited about it. I can’t wait to meet him again in Brazil next year, and to visit him in Orlando as soon as possible. For now, I’ll keep training hard and focused, looking forward to the nationals championship in the beggining of february. Thank you Jodi! Gustavo
  9. We are starting the fourth day of coaching at the amazing sport resort of Club La Pradera in Calera Colombim, the final location on my World Coaching Tour 2017. I have coached 400 students, over 90 days, in 35 location, in 15 countries on four continents in the past 60 months of 2017. let me tel you what and amzing experience and to have met and worked with such great young talent all over the world. I want to take the opportunity the Thank my Title supporting sponsor Thule who have provided me the best luggage on the market, for carry my luggage and waterski equipment extremely safely on mre than 27 flight just in 2017. Their product range is so extensive and their quality in second to none! No to the amazing group of young skiers I am working with here at Club La Pradera, Wow what a talented group of very close friends who all support each other every time they train. It been such a pleasure tp meet and work with these future Champions, who I have no doubt with make it to the top of the sport in Colombia, South America and in the World.
  10. coaching in Brazil

    After my first time visiting and Coaching in Brazil, for sure it will not be my last! I had an amazing time over the passed two weeks coaching in three Cities with three amazing groups of skiers in Rio, São Paulo and Curitiba. Thank you to Ricardo Garay Luce Metagazzi & Adriana Demeterco for being great host and helping to bring the groups together and for taking such great care of me whilst coaching at your sites and living in your homes. This part to me is so important and appreciated I can’t tell you how much, but please know I thank you for I and it make my job all that much easier and comfortable to not only do my job but to enjoy the experience in your country as much as possible. Thank you once again and I can’t wait to come back next year and see as many of you as psssible in my place in Orlando soon.
  11. End of the season

    Max, first of all let me tell you how proud of your skiing I am and how serious you took your training in Orlando. When I decided I wanted to put a Jodi’s Ski Team together, I know I wanted to have you as part of the team. You are dedicated and have passion not only for your own skiing but for skiing in Croatia and representing your Country and this is huge. My goal is to help you and other skiers, as much as I can though my learnings from the passed 30 something years but also from my now worldwide reputation and connections. Please continue to take this seriously as my reputation is on the line and I have worked very hard to build my reputation and I think it can help you to build yours. Stay focused on your school work for the next three months and time will fly by pretty quickly and you will be back on the water before you know if. It’s important to me that you balance your school work and your skiing! You need an education and this is a huge part of where I expect you to have your focus in the winter months to keep your grades up and stay on top of your school work and grades. You are all set for a fantastic and fun 2018, so relax a little and enjoy the time off as you will be training hard again soon. Eat plenty of protein and start to cross train with CrossFit and core and leg strengthening work. Keep in touch and keep you blog going. I will be in touch shortly with more information about Jodi’s Ski Team and equipment.
  12. Coaching in Curitiba Brazil

    I arrived in another Waterski Paradise in Curitiba In Brazil with Andriana Demeterco for 4 days with her ski group. It’s such a pleasure to be able to travel the world and meet and work with new skiers and grow the Jodi’s Ski Skool worldwide Waterski Family.
  13. Club De Campo Sao Paulo

    3 days into my trip to Brazil, I am now in Club de Campo in São Paulo where the majority of skier live and train. It's been a total pleasure to meet this very enthusiastic group. Marcilio and his Son Gustavro, Luce, Daniel. Fabio, Marcelo, and more will arrive this afternoon. There are a number of very nice and wel established country clubs sounding a beautiful large lake of around 3000 acres with four slalom courses on different shore lines to ensure good conditions without wind.
  14. Club De Campo Sao Paulo

    3 days into my trip to Brazil, I am now in Club de Campo in São Paulo where the majority of skier live and train. It's been a total pleasure to meet this very enthusiastic group. Marcilio and his Son Gustavro, Luce, Daniel. Fabio, Marcelo, and more will arrive this afternoon. There are a number of very nice and wel established country clubs sounding a beautiful large lake of around 3000 acres with four slalom courses on different shore lines to ensure good conditions without wind.
  15. World Tour Coaching in South America

    So it begins! Yesterday I arrived in Rio de Janeiro and for the first time in Brazil. Thank you to Ricardo Garay and his group who ski on the Lagoon across from Copa Cabana we will train for the next three days in Paradise. Trust me it’s Beautiful here, it’s the start of the summer and even though it rain today the water temps are still 27C and the air 24C. The Lagoon is brackish water and the cost runs along the South shores line and the first two days have been amazing conditions. Can’t wait for tomorrow when the sun is supposed to shine and with the Christ Redemmer looking down over the Lagoon we are looking for another day of Amazing conditions!
  16. End of the season

    It's November 26 and it was the last day of skiing for me this season. I just wanted to enjoy the last set and I did. Did 4@12 and I'm really happy with that. Unfortunately now it's time to get back to reality. I would like to thank Jodi and his family for taking me as a member of the family. Looking forward to getting back to this awesome place when I learned a lot not only about skiing but about life and myself as well. THANK YOU
  17. PB day

    Morning started a little weird because we had big fog over the lake. When it cleared we started with skiing and I went in. Jodi and I decided to do two-by-two set. But after first pass we actually changed it to the competition set. 16m, 14m, 13m all felt really greathink so we went to 12m. I was feeling really comfortable but I was making small mistakes which prevented me from running the 12m pass. And than I one pass it all came together and I ran it, and really comfortably. That was the second time ever I ran 12m. Jodi than put me on 11.25m and I made 1 buoy which was my personal best (previously 0.5 buoys). Attempted one more time but had pretty spectacular crash but thank God nothing happened. I was so happy and the day was perfect. But it wasn't done yet. I went for the set of trick after a 2 week break from trick. Made complete beginners program couple of times without falling and that was the day done perfectly. And of course beef for dinner was bonus points for that day. Couldn't get better than that. Looking forward to see what's next.
  18. Focus

    Monday morning set was exactly what it sounds like. Conditions were great and results were just not there. I got really frustrated with it and ended the set early. I was feeling down after that but I did a second set after that but with long concentration and thinking before the set. My mind was fully on the skiing. That really paid off because the results I was making in that set were surprising for the windy conditions that were on the lake at that moment. Today I realized how important focus really is for water skiing. No matter how bad the conditions are you can make your results if you are focused. From now on my preparation for skiing will be different. In Jodi's Ski Skool I'm learning a lot not only on the water but also off the water, about myself and how to control my emotions with which I really have problems with on the water.
  19. Sunday Funday

    Sunday November 19 was really fun. Woke up in the morning and realized that it was really windy. I don't usually like to ski in windy conditions so I wasn't happy going to the dock. But than I realized that that would be a good practice for upcoming Mediterranean games which will take place in Tarragona, Spain in 2018 and for which I'm training for. And Jodi told me just go in and have a good body position. Made a first pass and it was really fun (it was REALLY windy). Overall it was a good funight and even better experience. Later that day we went go-karting in Orlando. It went as expected with me 0.6 seconds faster than Jodi in the first race and 2 secondo faster in second race. I'm former Karting champion of Croatia so that was really expected. Even Jodi putting me in the barriers multiple times couldn't stop me. It was a really fun day and can't wait for more of days like that one. Thanks Jodi
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