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    After a lot of debating on which binding I should buy and after discussing with Jodi he told me the HO Syndicate hardshell is the best binding on the market currently. So I went for it. I was so excited when it got here. Immediately mounted it on my ski and did a set on it. First few passes were horrible as expected but as I did more and  more passes on it it started to feel more and more natural. I'm still in process of adapting to it but I belive I will be on top of it soon. One thing I noticed about it is that I can't get away with a mistake I was doing on previous binding and that is dropping my head on my offside turn. This binding will help me overcome that problem.

  1. It's October and the fall season has begone. it w!seems our please to first time new students at our facility Pablo & Valerie from Mexico City join us for three days of slalom course training. PABLO learning good stance and alignment to balance out his turns and pulls on both sides of the course and allowing him to run 32mph first the first tie ever and easily.

    AND Valerie learned the full course for the first time and after only trying to waterside for the first time since May this year.