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    During his world tour, Jodi has been to Brazil in the lake I ski, and I had the amazing opportunity to get some classes with him.

    It was one of the most amazing experiences I had, not only in waterskiing, but in my whole life. It made me understand more about the thing I love doing the most, and everything I learned made me even more passionate about the sport.

    Like if that wasn’t enough, Jodi also invited me to be part of the Jodi’s ski team, and I’m definetely very excited about it. I can’t wait to meet him again in Brazil next year, and to visit him in Orlando as soon as possible.

    For now, I’ll keep training hard and focused, looking forward to the nationals championship in the beggining of february.

    Thank you Jodi! 



  1. We are starting the fourth day of coaching at the amazing sport resort of Club La Pradera in Calera Colombim, the final location on my World Coaching Tour 2017.

    I have coached 400 students, over 90 days, in 35 location, in 15 countries on four continents in the past 60 months of 2017. let me tel you what and amzing experience and to have met and worked with such great young talent all over the world. I want to take the opportunity the Thank my Title supporting sponsor Thule who have provided me the best luggage on the market, for carry my luggage and waterski equipment extremely safely on mre than 27 flight just in 2017. Their product range is so extensive and their quality in second to none!

    No to the amazing group of young skiers I am working with here at Club La Pradera, Wow what a talented group of very close friends who all support each other every time they train. 

    It been such a pleasure tp meet and work with these future Champions, who I have no doubt with make it to the top of the sport in Colombia, South America and in the World.



  2. It's November 26 and it was the last day of skiing for me this season. I just wanted to enjoy the last set and I did. Did 4@12 and I'm really happy with that. Unfortunately now it's time to get back to reality. I would like to thank Jodi and his family for taking me as a member of the family. Looking forward to getting back to this awesome place when I learned a lot not only about skiing but about life and myself as well. THANK YOU